Remember Rhodesia - Pray for Zimbabwe - 2017

52 Years Ago

52 years ago, on Thursday, 11 November 1965, at the most solemn moment of Armistice Day, the 11th hour, Ian Douglas Smith, the Prime Minister of Rhodesia, signed Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.


This act of defiance, which came after many months of negotiations and fruitless discussions with the British Foreign Office, resulted in a most extraordinary explosion of diplomatic activity, international outrage, economic sanctions and motions of condemnation from the British Commonwealth, the Organisation of African Unity, the United Nations, the Soviet Union, and even from the US State Department. Incredibly, Rhodesia was labelled: "A threat to world peace!" This from nations engaged in nuclear arms races and invasion of other lands!

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Borders, Bribery and Blessings - Mission to Zimbabwe

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"Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your Name? For You alone are Holy. For all nations shall come and worship before You, For Your judgments have been manifested." Revelation 15:4

We serve an Almighty God and a Risen Saviour, who has given us a Great Commission! Our recent mission to Zimbabwe was blessed with successful ministry, safe passage, revived believers and converted sinners. However, there were many difficulties experienced in addition to these great blessings.

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Zimbabweans Reject Mugabe

Despite massive irregularities and intimidation, the overwhelming majority of Zimbabweans have voted against Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF ruling party.  Although the state-controlled media (The Zimbabwean Broadcasting Corporation – ZBC - and the Herald Newspaper) openly campaigned for Mugabe, vilifying the opposition and granting extravagant TV airtime and newspaper coverage to ZANU-PF propaganda, the two main cities in Zimbabwe, Harare and Bulawayo, have overwhelmingly voted against the ZANU-PF government.

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Zimbabwe Mission

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By God's grace we returned from our Mission to Zimbabwe.

Family Ministry

Our team consisted of my wife and two of my children. Because of my wife's presence, we had many more counselling opportunities. We were asked numerous questions on Home schooling, child raising, family life, marriage, adoption, and more. A vital part in Africa that needs reformation is the institution of the family. Biblical principles for the roles of husbands and wives, marital love, the blessing of children, child discipline, responsibility of teaching children, love between parents and children, servanthood, and family unity need to be established, if we want to see blessed families, Christ-centred congregations and prosperous communities. One rural pastor commented that no one had ever come to minister in their church with their family before, as it is too big a sacrifice. None of our team really thought that we were making any sacrifices and our sons thought it was an exciting adventure. Our family was warmly received by our hosts and every effort was made to make us feel welcome and appreciated.

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Zimbabweans Outraged at Stolen Election


The longsuffering people of Zimbabwe are enraged over the blatant fraud and deceit involved in the ZANU-PF controlled elections. Numerous prominent Zimbabwean opposition leaders are speaking of "shutting the country down" by massive, passive resistance: refusing to pay bills and boycotting state events. "There needs to be resistance against this theft and the people of Zimbabwe need to speak out strongly!"


The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN), which mobilised 7,000 observers reported: "The election is seriously compromised. Up to a million voters were disenfranchised."

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