Through the Fires of Persecution in Mozambique

25 June 2005 marked the 30th anniversary of the revolution in Mozambique, and the 10 th anniversary of peace in Mozambique. In 1975, after being a Portuguese colony for 470 years, Mozambique was abandoned by the Portuguese and declared independent on 25 June 1975. Despite the existence of several political parties and numerous requests for a referendum or elections, the Portuguese abandoned the country to the Marxist revolutionaries, Frelimo – without any referendum or opportunity for elections. Frelimo’s leader, Samora Machel, declared Mozambique “the first truly Marxist-Leninist country in Africa!”

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Mozambique Revisited


The Lord brought Mozambique to my mind and heart through Operation World. It was while praying through the 1978 edition of Operation World at all-night prayer meetings in the Army, that the Lord guided me into my first cross-border mission work to Mozambique. When I read that Mozambique was the least evangelised country in the Southern Hemisphere and that there was less than one Bible for every thousand people, in this longsuffering, war-torn, Marxist state, the Lord galvanised me into launching Frontline Fellowship into Mozambique.

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Three Frontline missionaries recently returned from an extensive 4 month, 4 nation mission tour. It involved over 200 meetings, including 21 Seminars and conferences, and 18 000 km driving throughout Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe (hence M2Z2). Frontline Field Director, Robert reports:

Discipleship Training Seminars (DTS) were held at 16 rural locations in Malawi and Mozambique. As always, our emphasis was to instruct church leaders in the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Virgil and I conducted about 120 meetings with the men; Louise held 80 with the women and children. In all, 180 Chichewa Bibles were awarded to those who memorised Scripture portions.

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