Forced Removals in Ethiopia

Testimony of Professor Gunnar Hasselblatt, Director of the Ethiopian Department of the Protestant Berlin Mission, who, after six years of missionary work in ETHIOPIA, has reported:

“33-Million Ethiopian farmers (out of a total population of 42-million) were expelled from their villages under the Marxist forced relocations policy, and crammed into heavily-guarded state settlements. There they were forced to work for the government under a socialist policy that forbade both private ownership and free enterprise. This slavery brought about the crop failure, and the resultant man-made famine will probably continue into eternity.

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Churches Burned in Ethiopia

This article is in FF News 2011 edition 2 and is available here

Churches Burned in Ethiopia

Over 60 churches and church buildings have been set on fire by Muslim mobs in and around Asendabo, approximately 250km from the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Thousands of Muslim militants went on the rampage injuring and killing Christians, destroying property and targeting churches.

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